Detained Binance executive escapes from custody, flees Nigeria

Detained Binance executive escapes from custody

Nadeem Anjarwalla, one of the executives from Binance detained in Nigeria on allegations of tax evasion and other offenses, has reportedly escape from custody.

Anjarwalla, aged 38, allegedly fled from the Abuja guest house where he and his colleague were being held, purportedly taking advantage of a moment during Ramadan prayers when guards escorted him.

Despite his British passport remaining under the control of Nigerian authorities, he is believed to have exited the country using a Kenyan passport, Premium Times reported.

Authorities are currently working diligently to determine his intended destination and take steps to apprehend him.

The detention of Anjarwalla and his colleague, Tigran Gambaryan, unfolded after their arrivals in Nigeria on February 26, 2024.

They were promptly subjected to criminal charges, including alleged tax-related offenses, leading to their remand by a local court.

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