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Cows hit the gym!



It used to be a park, but since lockdown started the park has turned into a grazing area for cattle.

Residents of Imbali unit 2 in Pietermaritzburg said the park is their outdoor gym, but no one is maintaining the area.

They were happy when the municipality put up gym equipment but now it’s useless.

Nobuhle Mhlongo (33) has never used the park but her kids did.

“I told them not to go there anymore because they’ll get bitten by snakes,” she said.

“And I fear that the cows will end up attacking them. I heard that cows don’t like to be disturbed.”

A gogo who lives opposite the park said municipal workers last came a year ago. Cows graze at the gym park in Pietermaritzburg. Photo by Mbali Dlungwana

“The park has been maintained by a neighbour, but I think he’s tired and has given up,” said gogo.

A 12-year-old boy, who was playing in park with his five-year-old brother, said they still come to the park because they don’t have toys.

“We like to exercise but we’re afraid that we’ll see frogs,” he said.

Councillor Siphiwe Ndawonde said he’s aware of the problem and has reported it to the relevant department.

“I think the problem is that the municipality is under administration. There’s no money,” said Ndawonde.

He said it wasn’t only the park that wasn’t maintained.

Municipal spokeswoman Thobeka Mafumbatha said she’d check if the matter was reported to the relevant department.

“Yes, there are some issues we’re facing. But we’ll look into the matter,” said Mafumbatha.

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Odd News

WATCH: Woman says I do to the holy spirit:



A Kenyan woman recently shocked her home town when she decided to get married to the Holy Spirit.

Elizabeth Nalem reportedly abandoned her husband and six children to get married to the Holy Spirit.

The woman, whose age is not identified, is seen in a video dressed in an attractive white bridal gown. Residents of Makutano came in numbers to witness the unusual wedding.

Local news publication Standard reported that the woman had claimed that God appeared to her in a dream and asked her to abandon her husband.

She said God wanted to use her to spread the word.

As if that was not enough to leave tongues wagging, Nalem told Standard she’d be going to Uganda for her honeymoon.

“I was heading to Makutano town when God directed me at around 3am to go to Amudat in Uganda for my honeymoon and to attend a big crusade there,” she said.

“God has shown me to travel to the USA when I am done with Uganda.

“He told me to traverse the world, but I told Him I wouldn’t be able and requested Him to recruit other members to help me in spreading the gospel.”

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Odd News

Dead body of missing man found inside giant dinosaur statue



The dead body of a missing man was found trapped inside a giant dinosaur statue.

Investigators believe the 39-year-old mistakenly dropped his phone in the statue then he became trapped when trying to retrieve it and died a slow death.

However, there is no obvious indication as to how he originally entered the stegosaurus.

His body was found when a disturbing odour from the papier-mâché figure in the Barcelona suburb of Santa Coloma de Gramenet was smelt by a father and son on Saturday, May 22.

On closer inspection, the dad spotted the corpse through a crack in a rear leg of the statue, BBC News reports.

He then called the police who said the man’s family had reported him missing and no one else is understood to have been involved in his death.

A spokesperson for local law enforcement, Mossos d’Esquadra told VICE World News that the cause of death is yet to be confirmed but admitted investigators suspect the man became stuck head-first, unable to call for help.

They said: “We have no reason to believe that his death is criminal. We think he got stuck in the leg after dropping something.”

Three fire brigade teams were called to the cut-open the dinosaur leg so the corpse could be pulled from inside it.

The authorities are awaiting the results of his autopsy to find out how the man died.

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Odd News

Robert Mugabe to be reburied!



Controversy follows former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe even in his grave!

A chief from Zvimba, Mugabe’s rural area, has ordered that his body be exhumed and reburied in Harare.

Chief Stanley Wurayayi Mhondoro, also known as Chief Zvimba, has ordered the body to be exhumed and reburied at a national shrine known as the Heroes Acre, where war heroes are buried.

Two weeks ago, the chief summoned former first lady Grace Mugabe to appear before his court on 20 May, but she did not come. The court proceeded to hear the matter in her absence and then fined her five cows and a goat for burying Mugabe at the courtyard.

In a stamped and dated letter written in Shona posted on the ZimLive Twitter account, the chief ordered Mugabe’s wife to deliver the fine before 1 July.

“You must go and collect the clothes for the deceased that are all over various state houses and take them to his home in Kutama. You are required to do so within 30 days, by 1 July,” read the letter.

The chief’s argument is that Mugabe must be buried at the shrine where her mother was buried. He said culturally, a child should be buried next to their parent, the place marked by Mugabe’s father, Chief Chidziva.

He said if she did not pay the fine and act according to instructions, the court would give the order to have things done without her. He added that if she did not pay the fine, the court would give an order to have the beast collected from her farm. He also threatened that the body will be exhumed without her consent.

“I will give permission, in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe, to have the body exhumed and be reburied at the Heroes Acre.”

Recently, Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao said the former first lady was out of the country, receiving treatment as she was ill.

He also alleged that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was behind the exhumation of Mugabe’s body because he was looking for a “sceptre” in order to able to rule Zimbabwe. He said Mnangagwa believed that Mugabe had a sceptre that was handed to him by nine powerful chiefs, giving him the power to rule.

Zhuwao had an interview the SABC on 12 May after the chief summoned Grace to his court. The chief’s court papers were first published by Bulawayo based ZimLive newspaper.

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