Conor McGregor’s coach raises questions with Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul theory | Boxing | Sport

Conor McGregor's coach raises questions with Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul theory | Boxing | Sport

The coach of Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh, has said that he wonders if Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have agreed on an ending for their upcoming boxing match. He has questioned whether the fight will actually be an exhibition despite claims both men want a professional bout.

‘Iron Mike’ is set to step back into the ring on July 20 for a one-off battle against Paul, who used to be a YouTuber, and there’s going to be more than 30-year age difference between them when they fight. Many boxing fans have heavily criticised Paul in recent times, and his decision to fight Tyson, whose prime years are long past, hasn’t improved their opinion of him.

Both Paul and Tyson have started training ready for the battle, which will be happening at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas, which can hold 80,000 people. McGregor’s coach, Kavanagh, raised his concern about Tyson, who’s not young anymore, still getting hit in the head.

McGregor himself has also raised public concerns. And his coach hopes that this big event will be more like a practice match rather than a real fight, raising the theory there might be a gentleman’s agreement behind the scenes.

Kavanagh told The MMA Hour: “I don’t know whether there’s a wink and a nod behind the stage. Is Tyson going to be 60, 58? Full force blows to the head at 58. No, it’s not a good idea, no matter who you are. You don’t need to be doing that. If it was kind of an exhibition, and they’re kind of sparring, great.

“I was asked about not necessarily just Mike, but this kind of YouTube boxing stuff, and my take on it now rather than being snobby about it is I just love anything that gets more kids involved in sports. Great if it’s combat sports, boxing wrestling, mixed martial arts, whatever the case may be. If Jake Paul is doing a good job of filling local boxing gyms, that’s a little bit of what we’re trying to do.

“I’m not into the whole whatever else he’s doing, particularly in that bout. I don’t think someone approaching 60 needs to be fighting. It would appear Jake hits hard, he’s knocked out a few guys. I just hope that it is what it is, it’s kind of an entertaining thing, and they move around the ring and kind of spar. As long as it’s that, thumbs up.”

The specific details of the upcoming fight, such as the number of rounds and the agreed weight, are still being sorted out. But one thing is clear: neither Paul nor Tyson will wear headgear during the bout.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations [TDLR] will supervise the fight, and it’s still undecided whether it will be a professional or exhibition match.

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