Christian Man Flees Home, Goes Into Hiding In Nigeria’s Katsina State Over Alleged Blasphemy In Facebook Post; Angry Mob Burns His House, Car

A Christian man identified as Mani Abubakar has gone into hiding in Katsina State, northwest Nigeria for alleged blasphemy.


A Facebook post made by Abubakar sparked anger and led to the destruction of his house and car in the Babaruga area of the state, Daily Post reports.


Abubakar’s whereabouts are currently unknown as he


Tension is building up in Katsina State capital following a social media post deemed offensive by some residents.


SaharaReporters found the controversial Facebook post written in Hausa in which he described Islam and Mohammed as false.


“The moment I discovered Islam was false I held onto Jesus with the whole of my heart.


“I did so given the biblical scripture that enjoins us to hold onto the truth, less the enemy snatches it from us,” he said.


According to him, Mohammed was never a prophet and the Quran is a plagiarized version of the Bible. He accused Abubakar, Usman and Umar of plagiarising the Bible.


“Now, you Muslims, your secret has been uncovered, bringing an end to your centuries of lies because we now have the accurate history; which is Mohammed neither authored the Quran nor assigned anyone to do so, just as he never saw it while he lived,” he wrote among other claims found to be offensive by his Muslim neighbours.


Meanwhile, the Christian Association of Nigeria is working with authorities and plans to meet with the Emir of Katsina to ensure his safety when he reappears, according to the Daily Post.


The Vice Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Katsina, Venerable Muyiwa Segun, condemned any act of violence or disrespect towards other religions.


“Everyone should respect the other’s religion,” Segun stated, adding, “Christians don’t have any business abusing other people’s religion. That is not how to do evangelism.”


Segun also confirmed that CAN was working with security agents and religious leaders to ensure peace and safety in the community.

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