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Boko Haram: Soldiers killed TCN staff, injure two colleagues in Borno

A team of the Transmission Company of Nigeria(TCN) accompanied by military escort who were on a mission to repair faulty transmission lines near Benesheikh along Maiduguri/Damaturu road suffers another setback following the killing of one of the TCN staff, while two soldiers and another staff of TCN sustained injury.

The setback came on Sunday when soldiers stationed in Benesheikh to check the activities of Boko Haram who took over the Maiduguri/Damaturu road on Friday and Saturday mistakenly thought that the TCN staff and escort were members of the sect as no communication was put through to the soldiers as regard the faulty transmission line before the TCN staff set out for repair work.

A staff of TCN, Ibrahim Garba told DAILY POST that, the situation could have been averted if the soldiers were informed. ” that is the danger of working in a volatile area like Borno. One of our drivers is still missing while one of the injured staff and the two soldiers are receiving treatment at the General Hospital, while two vehicles of the TCN and that of the military were destroyed,” He added.

A Maiduguri resident, Alhaji Muhammadu Kabir, who frownED at the way and manner companies and security authorities are playing with people’s lives said that, lack of proper coordination between companies and security agencies in Borno and the northeast in general has resulted in the lost of hundreds of innocent staff as the Benesheikh episode is just one out of many and nobody seems to be taking caution.

“It is unfortunate that there is no coordination between our security agencies, even within the Army who are suppose to be the same arm of the security. I wonder how they can win the war against Boko Haram without proper coordination when at many instances they shot at themselves.” He said.

He called on President Buhari to restructure and reposition the military for effective war against insurgency, stressing that some of the officers have over stayed in Maiduguri and they do not want to leave because of what they have been gaining from the war.



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