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Best positions for having sex during pregnancy



With the rise in estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy, there are many changes happening in the body. Estrogen especially is associated with many pregnancy-related functions like improved blood circulation in the uterus, heightened sensitivity in your breasts and increases as well as increased lubrication in your vagina.

The increase in the level of hormones also boosts your libido. With heightened sensitivity, you may actually like sex during pregnancy more. Of course, you need to adjust a bit and take some precaution but having sex during pregnancy is usually safe and you can have sex as frequently as you like.

So, here are the best sex positions for each trimester during pregnancy.

The baby does not get hurt during sex because the baby is protected by your cervix and the amniotic fluid

1. Edge of couch missionary

During the first trimester, you can try anything. You do not have to worry about miscarriage as the baby is well protected and having sex will not harm him. Edge of couch missionary is one of the popular positions among men and women. Your partner can penetrate deep and your belly will not come in the way. The woman has to lie down on her back and the man stands facing the woman. The man enters the woman from under her legs. The woman can rest her legs up the man’s torso. You cannot do this position once you reach week 20 of your pregnancy

2. Scissors

It allows shallow penetration and is easy for both the man and the woman. The woman has to lie on her back and the man sits in front of her. The man has to enter from the side. This position allows the woman to have her clitoris against the top leg of the man.

For second trimester

1.Woman on top

During the second trimester, avoid positions that require you to lie flat on your back. Woman on top position will give you control over the depth of penetration and speed. This position will also not put pressure on the belly.

2. Doggy style

Another position you can try during the second trimester of your pregnancy is the doggy style. In this position, the woman has to stand on all fours and the man penetrates from rear side. If you have backache, use pillows to prop up your chest.

For third trimester

1. Spooning

Spooning will allow you to manage your belly and take pressure off of your uterus and back. The woman has to lie on her side and the man lies facing the back of the woman. The position is super gentle and allows shallow penetration. You can also tweak the position a bit by lying face to face

2. The reverse cowgirls

Being on top gives you control over penetration and speed. The reverse cowgirl position is a variation to the woman on top position and it allows the woman to stimulate her clitoris. The man lie down on his back and the woman straddle him. In this position, the woman faces away from the man.

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Facts about condoms you might not know about



Latex condoms last an average of 5 years after the date of manufacture

Condoms are typically made from latex, polyurethane and lamb skin

A condom can hold about 3.8 liters of liquid
Change a condom every 30 minutes, friction weakens it.

When used correctly, condoms are 98% effective at preventing STI’S and unplanned pregnancies

When it comes to HIV, condoms make sex 10 000 times safer

The first rubber condom was manufactured in 1855

There are more than 50 different names of condoms e.g raincoat, nightcap and lovesock. 


Store in a cool dry place
Use silicon or water based lubricants
Use a new condom everytime you have sex

Use two condoms at once

Expose to high heat

Flush used condoms down the toilet

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Here is why you should not relax your eyebrows



A lot of women of colour have been letting go of the relaxer and embracing their natural hair but it seems there is more that needs embracing. 

A Youtuber from the United Kingdom, Dolita Shaw, took to Twitter to share before and after pictures of her eyebrows after she put relaxer on.

Many Twitter users questioned this as it seems that this chemical concoction might be making a comeback as people are spotted with their relaxed eyebrows on social media.

Most comments were against using relaxer on your facing, with some stating that relaxer has been linked to predispose to fibroids hence its prevalence among the black population.

relax your brows guys— Dolita A S (@dolitashaw_) January 16, 2019

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Interesting facts about alcohol



Alcohol is arguably one of the most loved and socially uniting beverage of them all.

Like the famous Christmas biscuits, it comes in choice assorted tastes – ranging from beer, cider and champagne to whisky and gin.

Whichever one tickles your taste buds, alcohol remains one of the most popular beverages in the world.
And even with the health implications that come with excessive drinking, this beverage has some fascinating facts and insights.

According to ADT Breathalysers, these are some of the most interesting facts about alcohol:

1. It takes six minutes

Yes, it only takes six minutes for the brain to start reacting to alcohol.

According to Science Daily, it takes six minutes for the reaction after consuming about three glasses of beer or two of wine, leading to a blood alcohol level of 0,05% to 0,06%. Changes then take place in the brain cells.

2. Milkshakes originally contained alcohol

The term “milkshake” was first used in print in 1885 when it was an alcoholic whisky drink. It was described as a sturdy, healthful eggnog type of drink with eggs and whisky, and served as a tonic and treat.

3. Cenosillicaphobia is real

Ever wondered why people cry after downing their favourite drink? This could be that they are suffering from cenosillicaphobia – the fear of an empty glass. This phobia, according to alcohol experts, can pertain to glasses lacking in beer, wine or a cocktail.

4. At least 600 grapes

According to farmers and experts, one needs around 600 grapes to make a bottle of red wine. All of this, however, is dependent on vine and row spacing, vintage conditions as well as the variety and age of grapes.

5. At least 49 million

Talk about a million reasons to be happy. A champagne bottle has about 49 million bubbles in it. According to Glass of Bubbly, tinier bubbles are better and the mark of good-quality champagne. This beverage has three times the gas content of beer.

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