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Best positions for having sex during pregnancy



With the rise in estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy, there are many changes happening in the body. Estrogen especially is associated with many pregnancy-related functions like improved blood circulation in the uterus, heightened sensitivity in your breasts and increases as well as increased lubrication in your vagina.

The increase in the level of hormones also boosts your libido. With heightened sensitivity, you may actually like sex during pregnancy more. Of course, you need to adjust a bit and take some precaution but having sex during pregnancy is usually safe and you can have sex as frequently as you like.

So, here are the best sex positions for each trimester during pregnancy.

The baby does not get hurt during sex because the baby is protected by your cervix and the amniotic fluid

1. Edge of couch missionary

During the first trimester, you can try anything. You do not have to worry about miscarriage as the baby is well protected and having sex will not harm him. Edge of couch missionary is one of the popular positions among men and women. Your partner can penetrate deep and your belly will not come in the way. The woman has to lie down on her back and the man stands facing the woman. The man enters the woman from under her legs. The woman can rest her legs up the man’s torso. You cannot do this position once you reach week 20 of your pregnancy

2. Scissors

It allows shallow penetration and is easy for both the man and the woman. The woman has to lie on her back and the man sits in front of her. The man has to enter from the side. This position allows the woman to have her clitoris against the top leg of the man.

For second trimester

1.Woman on top

During the second trimester, avoid positions that require you to lie flat on your back. Woman on top position will give you control over the depth of penetration and speed. This position will also not put pressure on the belly.

2. Doggy style

Another position you can try during the second trimester of your pregnancy is the doggy style. In this position, the woman has to stand on all fours and the man penetrates from rear side. If you have backache, use pillows to prop up your chest.

For third trimester

1. Spooning

Spooning will allow you to manage your belly and take pressure off of your uterus and back. The woman has to lie on her side and the man lies facing the back of the woman. The position is super gentle and allows shallow penetration. You can also tweak the position a bit by lying face to face

2. The reverse cowgirls

Being on top gives you control over penetration and speed. The reverse cowgirl position is a variation to the woman on top position and it allows the woman to stimulate her clitoris. The man lie down on his back and the woman straddle him. In this position, the woman faces away from the man.

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Top 10 African countries with-the most beautiful women



HOUSING 54 countries, both the longest and only pink rivers in the world, Africa is indeed a special continent.

Not only is it the hottest continent in terms of climate, but it also hosts the hottest women in the world.

So which country has the most beautiful women?

According to popular African magazine The Nile Post, these are the top 10 African countries with the most beautiful women:

1. Ethiopia

This is considered by many as a country with the most beautiful women in Africa. The women are also often described as charming and gorgeous.

2. Nigeria

This is the most populous country, and one of the most demographically diverse. It has so many beautiful ladies with an enormous sense of fashion.

3. Tanzania

Tanzanian women are very beautiful, gorgeous and curvy. They often tend to give men sleepless nights with their beautiful smile and red lips.

4. Kenya

Kenyan women are beautiful and have a good sense of fashion. They are also curvy with very attractive human features.

5. DR Congo

Congolese women are very warm, caring, have strong survival sense and one of the most beautiful in the continent.


Close up of smiling african woman wearing vivid makeup against red background. Female model with buzz cut hairstyle looking at camera and smiling. Photo Credit: iStock

6. Ivory Coast

The biggest Cocoa makers also serve some of the hottest women in the continent.

7. Ghana

Not only are they beautiful, but Ghanaian women are also friendly, curvy and romantically appealing.

8. South Africa

South African women are not only beautiful, but they are also deemed ambitious and goal-driven.

9. Zimbabwe

The women in Zimbabwe are often deemed as beauty with plenty of brains.

10. Burundi and Rwanda

Women in these two countries have the same stunning beauty features, with the difference being only on the speaking accent and fashion sense.

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Meet the baby born with three 4-5s



A BABY boy was born with three 4-5s in Iraq.

According to Live-Science magazine, the baby was born with three 4-5s in the first-ever reported case of human triphallia, the condition in which three phalluses form during embryonic development.

According to the publication, the child, first seen by doctors as a three-month-old baby, underwent surgery to remove two of the phalluses, which were small projections at the base of the 4-5 and scrotum.

The third phallus was in the usual location.

According to a case study in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports published in November, the boy was doing well at a follow-up visit a year after surgery.

According to world health experts, extra penises are a rare congenital condition, occurring only once in every five million to six million live births.

The level of development of these extra phalluses differs in individuals.

In the case of the child in Iraq, the two additional penises contained the erectile tissue, called corpus cavernosum, which becomes engorged with blood during arousal, as well as a tissue called corpus spongiosum, which helps support the urethra, the tube through which urine passes.

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There is a dating app for those with big 4-5s



DAVID Minns, the creator and founder of Dinky One, the dating app for those with small 4-5s and those who enjoy them, has now created a special dating app for those with big 4-5s.

Aptly named The Big One, it’s a dating application open to men who have an above-average 4-5 (about 14cm long), or any person of any gender who prefers a larger 4-5.

According to, following the success of Dinky One, which has 70 000 sign-ups, David wanted to cater for their bigger counterparts.

David shared that Big One was made in response to the numerous requests.

He said both apps ensured everyone could find their perfect match.

“The majority of feedback I received from Dinky One was men excited to see a platform that had never been done before.

“Pre-launch comments for Big One were primarily women looking to date without having to be concerned about size. Both sites complete the set,” said David.

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