Benue State University bans dreadlocks, armless shirts, miniskirts, other ‘indecent’ dresses, threatens sanctions for students

The management of Benue State University (BSU), has announced a ban on dreadlock hairs, make-up, skirts above knees and other certain dress codes it deemed inappropriate and indecent.

The task force committee set up by the university which made this known in a statement issued on Saturday warned that the institution would sanction any student found violating the approved dress code.

The statement read, “The Taskforce Committee writes to address students on the dress code and artificiality both in campus and off-campus as follows:
“BOYS: No sagging, No Make up, No dreading of hair (dada), No dyeing of hair (coloring of hair), No wearing of shorts/three quarter trousers to Lectures, No leaving of hair uncombed, No wearing of armless shirts, No wearing of earring, No plaiting of hair, No keeping of heavy beards, No wearing crazy trousers, and other indecencies.

“GIRLS: No body hug, No wearing of armless clothes, No dyeing of hair (coloring of hair), No wearing short, No exposure of sensible parts of the body, No Leg chain, No Nose ring, No putting of multiple earrings (only one earring is allowed).

“No folding of shirts on a trouser or skirt, only black and brown color attachment is allowed, No wearing of crazy trousers, No wearing of skirts above the knees, No wearing of leggings without long top (shirt) and other related indecencies.

“Students should adhere to these rules, failure to comply which shall attract sanctions from the university Management.”

A number of Nigerian universities have in the recent past announced dress codes also for students including the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, and the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, causing ripples in the public.

In August 2023 , OAU announced the imposition of a dress code on its students by banning any skimpy dress or one that covers faces.

The school management had said sexually provocative dresses would no longer be allowed in the school.

The university had also banned sagging of trousers or knickers for males and females, hair braiding for males, nose, mouth, eye or extra rings, crop/jump tops, unconventional wearing of caps, tattoo/indelible markings for males, multi-coloured braid for females, haircuts with inscriptions, T-shirts with obscene inscriptions depicting immorality, hooliganism, etc., heavy make-ups, rumpled and dirty clothes, and hair plaiting or weaving by male students.


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