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BBNaija Chichi stirs reactions as she blasts Phyna on Instagram Live

The beef between Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemates, Phyna and Chichi doesn’t seem to be ending soon as the latter has blasted her colleague on Instagram Live.

The reality star alongside her friend, trashed the Level Up winner, whom she doesn’t consider a friend on her Instagram live session after a fan inquired about her relationship with her.

She claimed not to know Phyna, as she questioned if that was the name of a person or place. She stated that she doesn’t talk about trash but people while adding that she is everyone’s karma.

Asking her fans to stop bringing up Phyna’s name, she added that she doesn’t want to be hearing nonsense.

“Who’s Phyna, is that a name? Is that a name or a place? Please excuse me, we don’t talk trash over here, we talk about people. I am you all karma. Please stop mentioning that name, I don’t want to be hearing nonsense.

This person has so many names I have given them. She isn’t my friend, here is my friend”.

Taking to the comment section, many blasted the reality star for always dragging her co-star.

One The Glam Chichi wrote, “When Phyna replies u, you will start crying

One Metana wrote, “If Phyna responds, they will tag her the worst BBN winner ever

One The Realena wrote, “This girl is a demon. Always coming for Phyna unprovoked. Evil orphan

One Radiant Tj wrote, “When Phyna responds now she will start crying o

One The Real Baby Girl For Life wrote, “Childish behavior at least if you want to talk about people, speak good English

One Official Queen Juli wrote, “I understand that Chichi may be beefing Phyna but what’s exactly with that friend of hers? Why inherit enemies? Wetin’ really concern you inside the beef? That’s how you guys lose good things in life. Mtchewwwwww

Recall that the reality stars, who were once BFFs, during the show fell apart over undisclosed reasons.

Chichi had even filed an N100 million lawsuit over Phyna, as damages for Phyna’s defamatory statement against her.

Her lawyers stated that the allegations of Chichi poisoning her friend in Cyprus were untrue, full of lies, malicious, and slanderous, which had cost her several endorsement deals and had put a taint on her image.

Speaking on the lawsuit in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, she noted how Phyna made several allegations hence why she sued her in court.

Phyna, on her part, while addressing their beef during an interview with Chude Jideonwo, stated that her outburst stemmed from the words Chichi used against her, which the show organizers didn’t air.

She revealed that Chi-Chi called her an abortionist and also body-shamed her, which made her flare up.

Phyna pointed out the irony of how Chichi could body shame her, when she has a natural body, unlike her who went under the knife to get a curvier shape.

Speaking on the lawsuit, Phyna stated that she wasn’t afraid of being sued as she had already prepared to battle things out with her in court.




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