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Arik Air staff caught with cocaine in London

A male cabin crew member of Arik Air was on Monday night arrested at Heathrow Airport, London, by the United Kingdom Border Force for allegedly possessing items suspected to be banned substance.

The airline, according to its spokesman, Mr. Ola Adebanji , is presently carrying out private investigation to determine how the cabin crew member came about the banned substance.

Investigations revealed that the cabin crew member was caught with a substance weighing 2.76 kilogramme and suspected to be cocaine.

Adebanji said Arik Air will also cooperate fully with UK authorities and other appropriate agencies in their investigations.

He said, “The airline again reaffirms its commitment to the fight against drug and illicit substances’ trafficking and will not tolerate the use of any of its aircraft or crew for the courier of banned items and substances.

“Arik Air carries out very stringent checks on all members of staff and its travelling guests ahead of all flights.

“The airline will continue to focus its attention on measures to prevent the possibility of any future similar incidents.

“Arik Air is a responsible Nigerian company always seeking to maintain and uphold the integrity and proud reputation of the nation.”



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