APC to monitor Buhar’s compliance with party’s manifesto

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has established a mechanism to ensure proper monitoring and assessment of the implementation of the party’s manifesto as well as other promises it made to the electorate during the campaigns by President Muhammadu Buhari.
The assessment team which will also serve as an advisory committee to the National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, is to comprise mainly technocrats.
The party had promised among others, to tackle the spiralling unemployment, as well as insecurity, the fight against corruption and the welfare of the people, especially payment of allowances to the unemployed and the aged.
In addition, it pledged to directly address the deficits arising from the failings of the past governments.
Since it took over power at the federal level, the APC-led administration has come under criticism by the opposition parties including the former party in government, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) which demanded the fulfillment of campaign promises by the APC and President Buhari.
However,  the National Publicity Secretary  of the APC, Alhaji Lai Muhammed, said the setting up of the assessment team was to ensure that the government meets regularly with these critical sectors, and that there was a two-way communication between the government and these sectors.
“My party has also set up a mechanism for assessing, continuously, government’s performance and tracking whether or not the government is meeting its electoral promises. An Advisory team to the Chairman of the party, made up of technocrats, will track how the government is faring and also make suggestions to the chairman in this regard,” he said.
Mohammed, who revealed the move by the party in a paper presented at the ongoing 55th annual general conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)in Abuja, said that sustaining the gains of the last general election have been made easy by the realisation that Nigerians now have the opportunity to elect a leader of their choice without any hinderance.
In the aftermath of the elections, the APC spokesman said political parties must ensure that there was no disconnect between them and the people, adding that “there must also be constant interaction between the government and the people.”
He said his party, the APC, has organised an induction course for its members in the National Assembly, so that they as representatives of the people – can have symbiotic relations with  their party and the executive arm of government.
He stressed that notwithstanding the  existence of separation of power, the relationship between the legislature and the executive should not be  adversarial but complementary.
“Constant rapport between lawmakers and their party will ensure that they key into the party’s agenda. We have given every one of our members in the national assembly a copy of our manifesto, so they will see what laws need to be passed to ensure the implementation of the manifesto.
“Then there is the national conference for the party as well as its members in the legislature and in the executive to deliberate on how far the party is meeting its electoral promises.
“It is also important that, through the instrumentality of the party, the government continues to engage the critical sectors – youths, NGOs, Women, people living with disability, the organized private sector, organised labour and other groups,  he said.
While assessing the conduct of the last election, the APC publicity scribe described it as generally successful in terms of its  organisation and the fact that the results were largely acceptable to most Nigerians.
He  attributed the success of the polls to the use of technology, especially the card reader and the biometric voter’s card.
On the other hand, the APC spokesman accused the PDP of over spending in the area of funding of its election campaign. He said the PDP outgunned the APC on many flanks during the electioneering campaign.

“The then ruling party outspent the opposition in the area of advertisements, whether in the print or electronic media. According to a report credited to Compliance and Content Monitoring Limited, out of the N3.23 billion that was spent on political campaign advertisement during the last electioneering campaign, the PDP spent N2.5 billion or 77 per cent of the total, compared to N728 million or 23 per cent by the APC,” he said.

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