Anthony Joshua sends message to Francis Ngannou after death of son | Boxing | Sport

Anthony Joshua sends message to Francis Ngannou after death of son | Boxing | Sport

“Too soon to leave but yet he’s gone. My little boy, my mate, my partner Kobe was full of life and joy,” he wrote. “Now, he’s laying without life. I shouted his name over and over but he’s not responding.

“I was my best self next to him and now I have no clude (clue) of who I am. Life is so unfair to hit us where it hurts the most. How do you deal with such a thing? How can you live with it? Please help me if you have an idea because I really don’t know what to do and how to deal with this.”

News of Ngannou’s tragic loss was first reported on Sunday in his native Cameroon. Several hours prior to officially confirming his son’s passing, the fighter expressed the immeasurable pain and sadness he was feeling.

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“What’s the purpose of life if what we’re fighting tooth and nail to get away from is what finally hit us the hardest!?” he said in a tweet. “Why is life so unfair and merciless? Why does life always take what we don’t have? I’m f****** tired.”

An outcry of support soon followed, with several big names within the world of combat sports offering their condolences. Former UFC champion Conor McGregor wrote on X: “Absolutely gutted reading this Francis! I can only imagine the pain you are in right now I am so sorry hearing this news. I pray God has the best and safest place in heaven for him, until you meet again.”

Saudi royal boxing chief Turki Alalshikh shared his own words of support, writing: “My heart goes out to Francis Ngannou for his loss. May his son’s soul rest in peace.”

Joshua, who defeated Ngannou in a heavyweight boxing match last month, kept his tribute short, writing: “May the memories you shared bring you comfort.”

On the heels of an incredible boxing debut against Tyson Fury last October, Ngannou faced off against Joshua in Saudi Arabia. The 37-year-old ran into trouble early, suffering multiple knockdowns in the first two rounds before being knocked out by the two-time heavyweight champion shortly after.

There was nothing but respect between the two boxers following their highly anticipated bout. As Ngannou got up from the canvas, Joshua embraced him in the middle of the ring and asserted” “You’re an inspiration. You’ll beat a lot of people. Don’t leave boxing. Don’t leave boxing.”

He later added: “If you need anything, let me know, but we’ll speak another time.”

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