Almost half of single women poke their exes

People on social media often ask jokingly who single people are having sex with, and the response is always hilarious.

But a research conducted by said that 43% of single women preferred having sex with their sex partners while looking for a partner.

One of the women who took part in the research, Nikki Howarth (26) said she had slept with her ex-boyfriends while she was single.

“It’s something most girls have done. They say, ‘never go back’ but it can be difficult when you have been very close to a guy and you are struggling to find someone new,” she said.

She revealed she has sometimes regretted doing it in the past, especially when she has been more interested in the guy than he was in her.

The poll of 1 000 men and women found that the majority of girls who resort to sex with their exes do so because they “miss physical intimacy”, while a further 31% admitted it was because they hoped to reignite a relationship with a former flame.

The research also revealed that more men do it than women.

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