Aaron Carter would be happy I regained custody of son

Aaron Carter would be happy I regained custody of son

Melanie Martin believes Aaron Carter would be thrilled to know she regained full custody of their baby boy, Prince.

“I know Aaron would have been ecstatic,” the late singer’s on-again, off-again fiancée told People on Friday.

“This victory is in his honor. I only wish Aaron could be here to share this moment with me.”

According to Martin, Carter “took it really hard when [their] son got taken away” sometime in September.

That month, the “I Want Candy” hitmaker revealed that the couple had lost temporary custody of their child due to domestic violence and drug use concerns, explaining that Prince was under the care of Martin’s mother.

On Thursday after the ruling, Carter’s mom, Jane, told TMZ that she was pleased with the decision because “the child should be with the mother.”

Although she has yet to meet Prince — who turned 1 less than three weeks after Carter’s Nov. 5 death — Jane said she wants the baby to inherit all of his dad’s assets because she and the rest of her famous family don’t “need the money.”

Martin, 30, seems to be on the same page as her mother-in-law.

“I don’t want any problems or stress over Aaron’s estate,” she told Us Weekly last month. “I just want Prince to be taken care of and want Aaron’s legacy to live on.”

She added that “whoever wants to be in Prince’s life can be in Prince’s life.”

Because Carter died without a will, Jane asked her daughter Angel — the late singer’s twin — to file a petition to serve as administrator of his estate.

Per California succession laws, the pop star’s personal property and real estate portfolio — reportedly worth around half a million dollars — will most likely be inherited by his son.

A “devastated” Martin has insisted that she “tried everything to help” Carter — who struggled with mental health issues and addiction — in the days leading up to his untimely passing.

Though an official cause of death has not yet been determined, multiple cans of compressed air and prescription pill bottles were reportedly discovered in the bathroom where Carter’s body was found.


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