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7 lies men often tell you about sex!



Sex is the only time when everybody just lets go of all their inhibitions. This is also probably the only time when couples speak the truth about their life and everything else.  

Everybody seems to have followed this rule, but there is also one more rule and that is telling the truth about sex. What you like on bed, what are your fantasies, what you dislike and what are you scared of- just about everything needs to be discussed and told.  

However, did you know that most men lie about sex? Some of these lies can be harmless, but there are some that are not. All of us may have lied about sex at one point or the other.  

Are you not curious to know what those lies must be? Well, here we are to tell you sex lies that we think every man tells or must have told. We don’t mean to say that men lie more than women do. What we men to say is that men lie about totally different things.

We have listed down these sex lies for you to be able to find out.  Also let us give you a disclaimer that not every man does this. Only you can spot difference between lies and truth.

1. You are so good at giving me a blow job

You might be really good at giving a blow job. You might have mastered the technique of doing it right.  But sorry to break it to you ladies that your man might be lying about you being good. Or let us just say that it may be good but not the best even though he says it that way.  

It hardly happens when a woman is able to leave a lasting impression on man for blow jobs.  Everything else is just okay-ish for the man and that is the truth.

So if your man tells you how good you are at blow job, just smile. This is a harmless lie and we think it is okay. There is absolutely nothing that you need to feel bad about this.  It is only humanely for a woman to not excel in giving a blow job.

2. Condoms do not let me finish

This is a lie. He can very well finish without a condom.  If your man tells you this, it is just because he wants to have sex with you without any protection. Now do you really want to take that chance? You should be able to now spot this lie easily. It is a modern world truth that even with condoms on, men have ejaculated. Having unprotected sex might be one his fantasies which you shouldn’t fulfill unless you are ready to take that kind of risk.

3. I believe in using protection all the time

Now this one just makes us laugh. Men who say that they use condoms all the time are the one who actually don’t; because the genuine ones do not have to say it out loud.  So do not fall for this. He is either saying it to hide his unprotected ways or just to get you to sleep with him. You can also assume that he might have used this dialogue with several other girls in the past.

4. It’s been ages since I self-satisfied

Now seriously, should we believe this one? You can bet every single penny you have that every man self satisfies several times a week. If he says he doesn’t that is an absolute lie unless the man comes across somebody who is least interested in sex or sexual pleasures.  Masturbation is something that men can’t do without. Why do you think he has so much porn stacked up on his computer and his phone

5. I love the way you taste

We are sure that he likes getting intimate and going down on you. But no, he doesn’t like your taste.  Women obviously do not come with flavored taste down there. It is any strawberry or chocolate sauce down there. It is one of the most natural forms of human liquids.  The act of oral sex is definitely enjoyable for several men; however the taste of your fluids does not excite or turn on men. If he has told you he loves your taste, he is just being nice to you.  Appreciate that and just smile whenever he says this.

6. You won’t believe how big my penis is

Men who talk about their penis sizes should never be trusted, because this shouldn’t even be a part of your conversation in the first place And if he has boasted of his so called big penis, you now know it is a lie, He is just hiding his insecurities behind that silly lie or just trying his bed to take you home with him.

7. This has never happened to me before

Now men use this as an escape route from something embarrassing on bed.  If he says this after a failed erection or bad move on bed, you know he isn’t being truthful about this being the first time. You will know that he does this all the time.  This particular thing (whatever it may be) has certainly happened before and it is as embarrassing as it could be.

These are some of the most common sex lies that most men tell. The enxt time your man uses any of these, you will know wether he means it or is lying.

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