6 ways people cheat which have nothing to do with sex

Cheating has and will always be a choice. You can decide to leave your partner if you don’t think they’re enough for you but you go behind their back and do stuff with other people. One of the major points we want to highlight today is the fact that, cheating isn’t always physical. It’s not just sex. There are other ways you cheat on your partner as well.

  1. Sexting with any other person

The fact that you’re already thinking about someone else in a sexual manner is cheating. It may not yet be physical but it will move to that level if not checked.

  1. Flirting too hard or encouraging a flirt

If someone is flirting with you, you’ll know it. If the person has no idea that you’re dating, you need to let them know. If they know but do not care, you need to put your foot down and stop it. You should also tell your partner before it becomes something else.

  1. Thinking about someone else during sex with your partner

This point doesn’t need to be explained any further. You’re basically having sex with that person in your head. It is cheating.

  1. Sending nudes

Can you tell your partner that you’ve sent nudes to someone? Is it not something you’ll hide from them? Why are you hiding it? Because you know it’s not right and it may even end the relationship. You’re cheating on your partner.

  1. Confiding in someone else

A lot of people will take this to heart because the point of being in a relationship is to have companionship and so they expect that you trust them enough to tell them the stuff that bothers you. When you pass behind them and keep confiding in someone else, it feels like the ultimate betrayal.

  1. Pretending you’re single

Why would you even think of doing that? If you genuinely don’t want the relationship, break it off.

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