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5 ways to have sex when you are tired!



Couples often cite tiredness and work stress as two of the top most reasons for no sex. 

Not every couple has sex daily and in fact if both the partners are working and have tight work schedules, chances are that you return home quite late.

Often after a day’s never ending work and meeting deadlines, people just want to get back home and go off to sleep. Now what happens because of this is that there is hardly any sex happening.

But can you let this go on forever? Are you really okay living this sex-deprived life for long? Isn’t it time that you did something about that? If you have similar thoughts, then let us help you here. These tips will help you have a memorable sex session even when you are tired.

And trust us when we say, sex when you are tired isn’t a bad idea at all. These are the five ways how this problem can be solved.

1. Stick to just foreplay

If you are too tired and do not want to exert too much, you can always just stick to some intense foreplay. Foreplay doesn’t really require a lot of efforts. If after this, you feel aroused and want to take things forward, then you can do so. But it is always better to have some kind of sexual connection than have none at all.

2. Take a vacation

If there is no solution to your work stress and endless schedules, then it is always better to take some time off. You don’t want to put your relation in jeopardy. So take time off and set out for a vacation. This will help you relax and will let you bring back the spice in your life.

3. Different sex positions

Since there are so many sex positions, there is absolutely nothing that you need to worry about. If you feel dead tired, there are several sex positions that can be done without too much exertion.  The spooning position, tight squeeze and missionary are some positions that are perfect for sex when tired.

4. Redefine the meaning of sex in your relationship

Another easiest way that will help your sex life is to redefine sex. Sex doesn’t necessarily have to end with intercourse.  Like we mentioned above, you can have sex even without intercourse, like indulging in lots of foreplay.  Apart from foreplay, there are other ways as well like hot massages, long kisses or oral sex. Make sure this is a part of your life more often so that there are no dull sexual moments in your life.

5. Create opportunities for sex

At times, even when you feel too tired to even move a muscle, create opportunities for sex. For instance, plan a romantic dinner date, watch romantic movies or just lie down in the bed and indulge in some dirty talks. These small things go a long way in a relationship.

Apart from these, you need to ensure that you have a proper fitness regime. Regular exercises will keep you fit and stress will hardly get to you.  Fitness also plays a very important role in your sex life. If you have no form of exercise in your life, you will get tired easily. Thus, be fit and follow every tip mentioned above.  Once you do, there will never be a’ too tired for sex’ moment in your life.

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Why people cheat in September



The month of September has a lot of sentiments to it.

From being declared the beginning of spring to the beginning of a new year – September is often deemed a month of new beginnings.

While many things begin to blossom this month, another trend also sadly follows suit.

According to recent trends, a lot of people seem to cheat in their relationships during September.

According to, a lot of couples experience partners who cheat on them during this month.

The publication reports a surge in cheating, according to dating site

It reports that couples return from holiday, and want to start their post-pandemic life by straying from their partners.

Research shows that autumn abroad shows a spike in affairs every year due to post-holiday effects.

The website also claims that the record number of couples will return from a summer break looking for a new partner after becoming fed up with their other half.

The site further reveals that during September, when a lot of people return to their respective jobs, workplace affairs are also very common.

After a survey of 2 000 site members of was conducted, 78% said the return to the office and a move away from working from home would make it easier to have an affair.

A further 54% of couples have reassessed their relationships during the pandemic.

Furthermore, September, followed by January and February, are the top months when people sign up on the website.

The survey further revealed that 34% of women and 32% of men felt less passion for their partners post the pandemic.

Sex and relationship expert Jessica Leoni agreed that September was a busy month for lovers.

“September is always the busiest month of the year for affairs, and that is why we call it Sex-tember,” said Jessica.

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Must know changes in sex life after 30!



Your sex experience is different when you are a teenager, in your 20s, 30s and it keeps changing as you grow older. From knowing what you want to reaching a climax, many things change.

If you are in your 30’s then here are some important things you need to know about those changes in your sex life.

  1. The desire may not be as strong

Once you are in your 30s, it is not necessary that you feel as strong a desire to do it as you did earlier. Some do feel that this is the best time for them but many do not. The urge starts depleting in some cases. The stress in life is generally the culprit which could be that of kids, family, work or even the want to look fit all the time.

2. Dryness

If you have been on a birth control pill, your urge to have sex may have lowered due to that as well. The pills prevent ovulation so that lowers testosterone. You feel dryer and it is not very comfortable due to that when you are at it. Which is why you must invest in good lubricants and speak to your gynae about your issue, she may have other suggestions.

3. Lower frequency

Of course if the desire is not so much anymore, your frequency of doing it also lowers. You need to quit pressurising yourself to achieve that certain number a week. This is not a movie but real life. So have this conversation with your partner about the same so that you both are on the same page.

4. Easier orgasm

Many women, with age, know what they want and what works for them in the end. The positions, the right places and thoughts. So this makes getting an orgasm easier. In the 20’s we are still figuring out our bodies, our likes and turn offs.

5. Experimental

In case you have not already, then you sooner will realise that you have started experimenting even more as you have become more comfortable with your body. The maturity that sets in with age most of the time brings us in peace with our looks, helps us figure out what we can do and not do and experiment accordingly. For some shyness goes away as we embrace ourselves for who we are and what our needs are.

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Why women fall for bad boys



They are dangerous, uncouth and we know they are trouble. Yet many women fall for the bad guys be it the villains in movies or in real life. Ever wondered why?

Here are a few answers we can think of which could be the key reason why!

  1. Masculinity

Many are attracted to men that ooze masculinity which could be a bit over exaggerated as well. If you notice, the villains in movies are well built, have a great baritone which makes us go weak in the knees. Their sense of style exudes the trait of being daring too. In real life we may not want them for long term or see a future with them but for dating, somehow we want to sweeped off our feet by them.

2. Free spirit

It is a social pressure especially in our country that the girl has to be ‘sundar susheel’ and be able to do house chores and what not – a debate for another time. We “should be” compliant and agreeable. In reality, we all love freedom to be ourselves and bad boys have that spirit in them because they do what they like and want. We too want it so we feel we can be the same with them too!

3. Forbidden fruit

How many times are we asked to stay away from a particular man or a boy and told he is forbidden? It is but human nature that we feel more attracted to do something and go for a person for whom the line has been drawn. They are different and it is those uncharted waters that attract us.

4. Protection

No we women do not need protection as such but many women tend to like it in the start of the relationship. Even if we know that the bubble will break later, the attention in the beginning is unbeatable. Many women feel cherished by such men.

5. Someone we can change

This hope that we can change him, be his therapist, is often met with a disastrous ending but some women tend to take up human projects. It makes us feel important to the other.

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