5 ways how sex causes acne!

Imagine waking up one morning, after a night of good sex to find acne on your face.

Is there anything more annoying than this? And when this happens more often, doubts starts hovering your mind if sex is the reason behind these break outs.  

Now, people had and will always have doubts about sex. And does sex actually cause acne is one such doubt that has been lingering in people’s minds for long now.

Well the answer is sex does partially cause acne.  During sex, there is a certain production of sebum and bacteria that are also called as P. acne.  The presence of these together is what triggers the growth of acne. But this is not the only reason of acne.

 So what one needs to understand about sex and acne is that it is not intercourse that really leads to acne. It is the other parts of sex that actually causes one.  

You will no longer be left wondering as to where do these horrible looking acne come from.

We will give you reasons as to how sex contributes to acne. You will be surprised!

1. Facial Hair

Another reason why sex causes acne is because of facial hair. Confused? Well, if you have sex with a man who sports a heavy and long beard, chances are that his beard is rubbed all over your face.  This friction causes irritation and stimulates the production of oil on your face. Excess oil causes acne because the pores are blocked. So if your smooth face is rubbed against a hairy face, chances of you developing acne are high

2. Hair products that men and women use

Hair products are the other reason for post-coital acne. Experts say that during sex body parts gets rubbed against each other including hair. Now men and women who use hair products often should be particularly vary of is during sex.  Since people get a lot sweaty during sex, hair products get mixed up with the sweat which then reaches a person’s face. And this is how acne is developed. While hair products may be doing wonders for your hair, it definitely does badly to your skin especially with all that sweat.

3. If the sheets are dirt

If you are planning to have sex with a man who doesn’t believe in cleanliness, then you must think twice before you hit the sheets.  Make sure you check your date’s rooms before you decide on having sex. Now we say this because several studies suggest that if you find open chips bags, food crumbles or soiled clothes on your partner’s bed, then chances are that sex on the same bed will transfer a lot of bacteria.  Dirty bed sheets are the main reason why people often develop acne after sex.  The oil, dead skin cells and bacteria on the unwashed bed sheets might give you acne. So, either ensure that you keep your sheets or beds clean else just make your choices wisely. 

4. Sweat

Sex involves a lot of exertion and physical movement and thus it is only obvious that there will be a lot of sweat.  So when two bodies are pressed against each other that also involves a lot of friction it can lead to acne. The sweat, body oils and bacteria can be one of the causes. So the next time you have sex with your partner, you should immediately clean up after the act so that there is no left over sweat. This way you can save yourself from acne woes

5. Any kind of massage oils

Massage oils are usually good for sex. They give sufficient lubrication. But if you know that you already have a acne prone skin, then you should avoid using massage oils.  Your face, back and chest are the most sensitive areas and if you have applied oils in those areas and have noticed acne, you know the reason.  The skin already produces more oils and when you put additional oils, it will just make it worse.

These are some parts of sex that may give you acne. However, so far there has been no solid evidence of sex directly causing acne. If there has ever been a mentioning, it is said that the hormone called androgens that are usually produced during puberty may or may not cause acne. Apart from this, there is no other cause except for the ones that we suggested that can give you post-sex acne. Just be clean and practice healthy sex practices and you can avoid these sudden breakouts.

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