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5 things you need to know about birth control pills



Whether you’ve taken birth control pills for years or are thinking about starting, you probably know that oral contraceptives help keep you from getting pregnant.

What you may not know is how, exactly. In a nutshell, , combination pills use the hormones progestin and estrogen to stop your ovaries from releasing an egg each month. Progestin-only pills,, on the other hand, thicken your cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm to get into your uterus. Interesting, right?

If you’re shaking your head yes, you’re in luck! There are a ton of other seriously interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the contraceptive—from unexpected benefits to the weird things that might make it less effective.

Here are six surprising nuggets of info that are definitely worth getting on your radar.

1. They can make your periods more comfortable

The hormones in oral contraceptives work to prevent pregnancy. (Duh.) But they have the added perk of moderating miserable period symptoms, says Dr Kecia Gaither,, the director of perinatal services at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln.

In addition to easing heavy bleeding, the pill can help keep period cramps at bay, fight acne, and even work to stave off menstrual migraines. (#winning)

2. Some meds might make your pills less effective

Experts know that antibiotics like griseofulvin (an antifungal used to treat things like ringworm and athlete’s foot) and rifampicin (an antibiotic used to treat various infections) can keep BC pills from working properly, and evidence suggests other types of antibiotics might do the same.

Why? “Antibiotics can increase the activity of liver enzymes that metabolize certain pills, including birth control pills,” explains, Dr Daniel Kort,, Associate Medical Director of Neway Fertility in Manhattan. The pills can get broken down faster than normal. As a result, it could cause a lapse in protection.

That said if you have to take antibiotics while on the pill, play it safe by using condoms or another form of backup contraception.

3. They can lower your risk for some diseases

Oral contraceptives seem to play a role in helping to prevent some cancers. Women who’ve taken the pill are up to 50 percent less likely to get ovarian cancer; at least 30 percent less likely to get endometrial cancer; and up to 20 percent less likely to get colorectal cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute..

And that’s not all. Taking the pill seems to lower the risk for rheumatoid arthritis by as much as 19 percent, a recent Swedish study found. And because the pill reduces blood loss caused by heavy periods, it can help prevent iron deficiency anaemia, too.

4. You don’t have to take a break from them

Ever hear that thing about long-term pill use being bad for you? Some natural health influencers warn that taking oral contraceptives for years on end could wreak havoc on your fertility. Except… it’s not true.

“One doesn’t need to take a break from oral contraceptive use unless one wants to,” Dr Gaither says. If and when you decide you’re ready to try getting pregnant, talk with your doctor about when you should stop taking your pills.

5. You can take them strategically to skip your period altogether

Yup, you read that right. Most monthly pill packs contain 21 active pills with hormones and seven placebo ones. Users get their period during the week of placebo pills – but if you skip those pills and move right onto the next pack, you’ll skip your period.

Findings show this is totally safe, btw, and it can deliver a dose of relief for women with endometriosis or painful periods. The only downside is that you might be more prone to spotting in between periods, Dr Gaither says.

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5 romantic ways to wake your partner up in the morning



Waking up to a romantic morning with your bae beside you is pure bliss. The feelings of love are heightened in the morning and both you and your partner will feel the love a little extra when waking up next to each other. But instead of doing it the usual and boring way, you can make waking up next to your partner romantic and sensual. And so, here are some romantic ways to make it lovey-dovey.

1. Tell them how special they are

Whisper sweet nothings into your partner’s ear and make them feel adored and special. Tell them how lucky and blessed you feel to have someone like them. If you want to turn it a notch up, you can start whispering sensual things into their ear to turn them on, which can then lead to a steamy session in bed!

2. Cute kisses

Kisses are the most intimate and purest show of love. You can kiss your partner slightly on their forehead, lips, cheeks or nose to portray your love for them. Your partner will definitely love it. It will let them feel loved and cared for.

3. Food preparations

Prepare an amazing and mouthwatering breakfast for your love. Nothing screams romantic than a breakfast-in-bed. If you’re a bit shy in expressing your emotions then this is the perfect way to do something that won’t require you to speak up. A full belly in the morning will let your partner know that you’re all in for the effort it takes.

4. Shower time

You can pull your partner in the shower along with you. It’s intense, romantic and passionate. A quick or a hot shower will do the trick for a morning love routine. What’s more, you both will be saving water while having a steamy shower session!

5. Calls and texts

If you stay away from your partner, then sending a cute morning text or calling them straightaway will give them all the feels! You can say ‘I love you’ as a simple gesture of love. This will surely strengthen the bond between you both, accounting for a great day ahead.

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Other things one can use a condom for!



When one mentions the word condom, you often think of sex and protection.

While that may be true, condoms over the recent years have been used for various things other than sex.

According to Thrillist magazine, these are some of the things one can use a condom for besides protection during sex:

1. Clean the toilet

Should you need a quick and easy way to fish out dirt in your toilet, use a condom to clean out dirt inside your toilet seat.

2. Opening something strong

Rubber or elastic material tends to open tight-lid containers. According to Home-Magazine, using the condom as a rubber glove to open the tight-lid containers offers the best result.

3. Sneaking booze

According to many condom manufacturers, the strength of a condom can hold up to four quarts of liquid and can go easily be snuck in undetected.

4. Make them socks

According to some fashion pundits, many people have used condoms as socks in times of fashion emergencies. Talk about real protection, right!

5. Phone protection

This rubber structure can also be used as a phone protector during the rainy seasons. Condoms are great for waterproof.

6. Great as an ice pack

If you are a sportsmen and women and suffer a sports injury, one can use a condom to load ice packs to wrap around your injury.

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Unfriend these types of people from your life



There are people who are good for you and your life but then there are those who have a negative impact and you may not have realised. As we age, we start getting an idea of what we want and the kind of people who are good for us or not. Many of us may have filtered a few amid the pandemic when the reality of many people surfaced. But are you still friends with the wrong ones? Here is a list of 5 types of friends that you must eliminate from your life.

1. Over competitive friend

Being competitive is healthy and absolutely fine, but then there are those who are always striving to beat you and compete with you. Got something new? The person will try to get a better version of it. You do not need such people because they have a strong negative vibe in them and it may be annoying you somewhere deep down.

2. Ditcher

There are people who are up for every activity you ask them to join you for. Then there are those who ditch you way too much. You do not need ditchers. Once or twice is fine but not every time. Also, the excuse should be genuine if he or she is canceling, the person is not worth the effort if rescheduling is the only thing you have been doing.

3. Negative souls

Those who see the glass half empty all the time are a major negative influence you can do away with. If a talk with the person always makes you feel dark or demotivated by the end, it is a sign that this person needs to go.

4. Over moody

Agreed some people are moody by nature but if it is happening a bit too many times where one moment he/she is all kisses and hugs and laughter but the next day does not even pick up your phone or is angry with you for no reason and is chilling with someone else. You do not need a hot and cold person and waste half your time determining how the other would react.

5. Me, me and me

You are no one’s therapist! If someone calls you or meets and talks just about his/her problems in life and when you tell yours it is brushed off, snip them out. Any relationship is a two way traffic. In friendship both friends are involved, they cannot have a monologue every time.

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