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5 things you can do with your old undies



ACCORDING to African practices, underwear is the most important and sacred item of clothing.

Many traditionalists agree that how you handle your old, torn or worn-out underwear is important.

According to Soweto-born traditional healer Mkhulu Phumlani, people often steal and use old underwear for witchcraft and other toxic black magic practices.

It’s safe to say that how we dispose our old undies is important, however, if you want to dispose your old underwear, Bustle magazine gives us some creative ideas of how to use our old underwear:

1. Compost

According to garden experts, cotton can also be used as compost because it provides nutrients, break up dense soil and introduce beneficial microbes. So, that cotton-made underwear can be a useful compost ingredient.

2. Make a Scrubbing Sponge

According to HubPages, scrunching up a few old pairs of underwear into an onion bag will give you a brand-new self-made sponge. This sponge will be perfect for scrubbing out tricky stains on pots and pans.

3. Pillow Stuffing

If you are looking at making your very own fluffed pillows, you can cut your old undies into bits to use as stuffing fluff. Pillow fluffs are often made from raw cotton, and the cotton found in your underwear can also do the trick.

4. Plant Holders

A plant stand or holder is for placing a potted house plant. They are often used to get the plant off the floor and onto an elevated surface of its own. If you are looking to get rid of some of those thong underwear, then you can use them as plant holders. G-strings make perfect sturdy pieces of twine to tie plants to a stick while they grow.

5. Washing Rag

Save yourself the agony of constantly buying rags and just use an old pair of underwear. After giving them a good wash, you can sow them together and make yourself a clean washing rag you can use to clean around the house.

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Top 10 countries with the best lovers!



They say love is a universal language that speaks to the heart.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, love knows no passport or boundaries.

While we’re all on a quest to find true love, a recent global poll showed the top 10 countries with the best lovers.

Global Search asked 15 000 well-travelled women to rate the talents of the men they slept with from 20 different countries.

The poll didn’t state why these anonymous women thought the people they slept were good lovers.

But here is a look at the top 10 countries with the best lovers. Look at where we sit on this list:

1. Spain

2. Brazil

3. Italy

4. France

5. Ireland

6. South Africa

7. Australia

8. New Zealand

9. Denmark

10. Canada

Now I call this the passport to seeking true love.

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Oral sex tips everyone should know about



Most people skip oral sex to jump straightaway to sexual penetration because supposedly, it’s the most pleasurable part of it all.

Well, most people are wrong. Oral sex can be deeply satisfying as it arouses all our senses, leaving the person receiving oral sex, writhing in pleasure.

Here are some tips about oral sex that everyone ought to know about!

1.Practice good hygiene

To have oral sex, you should be very clean down there. Nobody wants to be greeted with a nasty smell. Taking a shower before you go for it, is a good idea because this will make you confident and relieve you of stress if you have any.

2.Avoid food that can change your odour

Certain foods you eat can impact your body’s odour. Foods that have a strong smell can make your private area smell quite different. So, it’s best to indulge in mild foods that aren’t too spiky, sugary or garlicky.

3. Don’t rush

Oral sex is all about going slow. Rushing to pleasure your partner down there is either going to give them a rush or just a sour mood! Going slow and slowly rubbing your partner down there will increase the stimulation, paving the way for a heavenly feel.

4. Try to blindfold your partner

This can add an exciting element to sex because leaving your partner blindfolded when you go down on them leaves them guessing which part of theirs you’re going to pleasure next. A touch becomes even more sensitive and erotic.

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5 sex positions you should try in a hotel room



Sex is fun at home but it gets more interesting and fun when it is done in a public place.

It is hotter, steamier and somehow you feel more free especially if you have parents at home or have kids.

So try these 5 sex positions if you are in a hotel room.


Stand in that big bathroom or in the bedroom against the wall and let your partner bend over. Why use a hotel room for this? Remember the see through windows? Try against that and see how it boosts the sex. Try the lube as well because it makes it easier to penetrate.

2. Reverse cowgirl

The huge plush beds of a hotel are the best for you to try this. You can go on all 4 as a receiver and lay down a bit. Start slow and then go with the rhythm.

3. Chair sex

Sex in a chair is fun but u think of many things when trying this. The hygiene, the strength of the chair etc. Try the extra furniture in the room like the plush chair and even the couch that you see in the hotel room. Chair sex is the ideal one because it gives you rproper eye contact and psotioning to enjoy it. Feel naughtier? Try the chocolate sauce.

4. Butterfly

This position is best when you feel tempted to break the crispness of those white sheets. Those clean king size beds are uber comfortable and allow you to try this position too. Begin by lying on the bed’s edge while the giving partner stands at the foot of the bed. Move your legs to his chest until the ankles rest on his shoulder. Ask your partner to lift your elvis off the bed, lie back and enjoy.

5. From behind

This doggy style that we advice you to try in a hotel room because there are different heights of furniture there. Take out that vibrator and enjoy yourself. Sex on a vacay is more thrilling somehow.

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