5 sport that can improve your sex

WHAT do sport and sex have in common?

Besides both involving physical activities, sex and sport provide both physical and psychological benefits.

According to sex experts, there are certain sporting codes that are great for sex.

According to experts, these help enhance the bedroom experience and libido.

So, which of these physical activities are great for tlof tlof?

Identity magazine takes a look at them:

1. Bikram Yoga

It is a type of yoga where you do a set of 26 poses and two breathing exercises in a room well above your body temperature. Needless to say, it will do wonders for your sex life!

2. Running

Examining the face of a runner shows how calm that person is. That is because running, which is feasible and could be done pretty much anywhere and anytime, helps in ridding the body of any negative energy and helps in keeping stress levels low. Everybody knows that stress is a serious libido killer. Want an easy way out for amazing sex? RUN!

3. Football

Soccer lovers, this is your lucky day. If you and your girl want to up the ante in the bedroom, it’s time to hit the football pitches. Playing a game or two of football can increase your testosterone levels by up to 30% and this increase in testosterone boosts your libido.

4. Beach Volleyball

The tight swim wear, the tanned skin and toned bodies! Maybe even a little skinny dip afterward. Need we say more? It is all about the fun!

5. Pilates

Sex positions can be very tricky but trying new ones is great and can better your experience. Signing up for a pilates class can make your task easier. It would give you more confidence in trying new things and feeling more comfortable with them.

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