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10 things you can use Coca-Cola for



Coca-cola is mainly famous for being a soft drink that is known for its wide variety and versatility. Do you want less sugar? Cola Light. Are you sensitive to caffeine? Drink cola zero

These 10 these other 10 uses will have you raising your eyebrows.

1. To clean the toilet – Coca-Cola can clean rust spots on your toilet. The slight acidity of Coca-Cola can remove stains of all kinds.

2. To tenderize Meat – Coca-Cola can also do wonders in the kitchen, especially with meat. It’s acidity can tenderize meat and work as one heck of a marinade. Check out this braised pork recipe.

3. Bug Control – The sweet syrup of Coca-Cola and other soft drinks attract ants, which feed on the larva of pests that plague crops. A 2004 article by BBC News said farmers in India turned to using soft drinks as pesticides because they were cheaper than pesticides.

4. To clean rusty jewelry – Pour some coca-cola into a bowl and soak the jewelry in it for 10 minutes – remove and rub with a cloth. Let the acid of Coca-Cola go to work on mother’s jewelry to give it a nice luster. Many claim Coca-Cola as a good source for cleaning jewelry as well.

5. Gum Remover – Since Coca-Cola contains phosphoric acid, it neutralizes the stickiness of the gum. After soaking the affected hair in Coca-Cola for a few minutes, the gum should slide off.

6. Help an Upset Stomach – There isn’t any scientific evidence to back up that Coca-Cola and other colas can help an upset stomach but people continue to swear by it as a remedy. Where Coca-Cola can help is with stomach blockage, according to researchers from the University of Athens. Colas have chemical ingredients similar to gastric acid, which helps digest fibers.

7. Clean Tile Grout – Coca-Cola’s magical cleaning powers extend into tile grout as well. Let the grout soak with Coca-Cola for a few minutes and then wipe it up. Check out the best tips on cleaning grout and how to whiten grout.

8. Make a Battery – It isn’t so much the ingredients of what goes into a can of Coca-Cola as it is what holds the cola that can transform a can of Coca-Cola into a battery. Grab a penny, perhaps that shiny one you just washed in Coca-Cola, some crocodile clips, wire wool and some tools to make a battery.

9. Prevent Clogs – Coca-Cola can serve as a quick fix for clogged drains because the acidity will clean grime but it may not be worth it because the soda will leave behind a syrupy residue.

10. Clean Eyeglasses – Just pour some Coca-Cola over your lenses, wipe dry and repeat with water to get rid of any sticky residue.

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Why keeping your socks on during sex is the BEST!



From secret socks to happy socks, socks have become an important accessory in clothing and in fashion.

It then comes as no surprise that taking them off becomes a challenge, especially when you’re about to have sex.

This accessory, much like the condom, has become a key component during sex, and experts tell us why:

Cotton, the material used to make socks, is one of the most comfortable materials for the human body.

Referred to as “foot condoms”, socks play an important role in protecting and nurturing one’s feet and not all of us are blessed with the best toes.

According to sexologists, socks are also great for an orgasm during sex.

For a human being to experience the ultimate orgasm,

comfort, stimulation and concentration are needed to experience the ultimate orgasm. Socks psychologically help with that.

Researchers at the University of Groningen found that 80% of couples reached an orgasm while wearing socks while only 50% managed to climax without socks.

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5 things you didn’t know about the 4-5!



People often say there’s always a deeper understanding to the way we view things with the naked eye.

Let’s take the 4-5 as an example.

For many of us, this is a sexual reproductive organ found in men. We also know that the 4-5 is an excretory organ.

According to Medical-News-Today, there is more to the human 4-5 than meets the eye.

According to the medical magazine, these are the five things we didn’t know about the 4-5:

1. The 4-5s First Erection Can Be Seen in an Unborn Foetus 

According to a study from 1991, foetal erections most commonly occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. And they can happen a number of times each hour. No one is quite sure why, but it might be the body’s way of testing things out and keeping them running correctly.

2. The 4-5 Can Break

There is no bone in the 4-5, however, it is still possible to break the 4-5. This most commonly occurs during vigorous sex, although doctors have also documented it in people who have fallen out of bed with an erection. Penile fracture, as it is known, is actually the rupture of the fibrous covering of the corpora cavernosa, which is the tissue that becomes erect when engorged with blood.

3. One Can Experience an Erection After Their Death

Also called angel lust or a terminal erection, it happens in the moments after death. This commonly occurs in people who have died from hanging. Scientists believe that it may be due to pressure from the nose on the cerebellum. However, it has also been reported following death by a gunshot wound to the head, damage to major blood vessels, and poisoning.

4. A 4-5 is Twice As Long As You Think

Penises are longer than they look. In fact, around half of the entire length is housed inside the body. The mass of pink erectile tissue, which comprises the so grandly named corpus cavernosum and “corpus spongiosum, extends well into the pelvic region, forming a sort of boomerang shape thus making the 4-5 look twice its size.

5. Ways To Tell The Size Of a 4-5

Although an older study found that penile length was related to both height and foot length, it was a weak relationship, and the authors concluded: Height and foot size would not serve as practical estimators of penis length. A 2006 study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research looked at other correlations. The researchers concluded that penile dimensions are significantly correlated with age, height, and index finger length, but not foot size.

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Most dangerous sex positions that you must not try



The bible of se suggests some amazing sex positions that we all want to try.

However, there are some positions which have been termed dangerous even though they look very simple.

Accroding to different studies and researches, there are 3 sex positions which are dangerous. They could either tear the vaginal wall or fracture the penis. Here is a list of ones that are dangerous.


According to a study which was published in the US National Institute of Health, the cowgirl position where the woman is on top, can put the male genitalia in danger. Reason being that if and most of the time it is true, there is not enough lubrication when a woman is on top. Due to this the penetration becomes sore. The force of the thrust as per the study, can lead to injuries. Also, if the body weight is entirely on the man, it can prove to be dangerous if not done right.

2. Doggy style

During the doggy style, vaginal tearing is common especially if the penis is penetrated from the wrong side and is forced. Sometimes even lubrication is not enough, even then the position can be injurious. If the penetration enters places which were not ready for the same, then too a tear can be expected.

3. Missionary

Missionary sex is the most commonly practiced sex position. However, according to a report by NZ Herald, Brazilian researchers pointed out that almost 21% penile fractures occur when the men are trying to climax. The giver may be in control of the power and speed of the thrust but if the man hits the pelvic bone without any intention of doing so, it could be dangerous.

So, practice safe sex, try different lubes and make sure there is consent in whatever you wan t to try. Sex should be fun for both the giver and receiver. In case the woman is not as wet, how about trying some foreplay first!

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