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    Vincent London

    Why should somebody ever be angry about report that Turai has gone to visit him – wonders they say happens in Nigeria! A public servant surposed to have his doors thrown wide open for anybody to call feels angry that such visitors are reported! I mean what are talking about ‘leaders’ in Nigeria, folks! Last week obasanjo told us that he wanted Dangote to buy the Refineries at a price but Yar’Adua turned the deal down probably Yar’Adua thaught the value of the deal was too cheap! It is most likely that Turai perhas to clear the air about the allegation sort to see Obasnjo to discuss the matter; how he (OBJ) can make (the effrontery for) such a statement behind her husband’s back – she probably considered it disparaging! Again, Nigeria full of surprise, surprise, folks! Oma se’o! Obasanjo should not be angry because as they say in politics; All public matters need to be discussed publicly!


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