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    I just continue to imagine whether PDP as a party is a personal estate of Fani Kayode. As a young man, he had the opportunity of rendering a service to his country, and he misrepresented himself. It is in his character to insult his elders(fathers) with impunity. He did it to Wole Soyinka and to the late Chinua Achebe. From all indicators,it shows he was not brought up well. He is not better off than those who have served this country before. It is not by talking too much that would make him look tough. If he has questions to answer after office, it is only normal. The relevant institutions are there to review his performance while in office. I’m sure he would do same if he finds himself president.(hold people accountable). He should not use laughter to cover up cough. The two are different. He should beware of his unguarded utterances which do not speak well for the unity of the country. The issue of party has never helped this country since independence. He is not in a better position to assess himself or his party or party members.


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