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    Insulting this Holy Prophet cant work !! It is a fear based approach to verifiable truth.
    Thousands of Pastors of big churches world wide are panic stricken because the miraculous work done at The Holy Scoan Church, Nigeria cannot be done by them in their churches. These Pastors are afraid, very, very afraid of their future. They dont care for the future of their people, they dont care if their people dont get healed and delivered from their suffering. These Pastors only want keep their sinful positions.
    The truth is finally out ! It is a sin for sick people to go into any church of JESUS CHRIST and go home the same.
    The Holy Gospels show clearly how Jesus taught his apprentice Pastors, the training was to demonstrate the true love of God to all the people of this evil world. The Pastors have falsely blamed the peoples lack of faith for no miracles to shift the blame. All this is false. It is written : “Jesus healed them all.” and the apprentice Pastors were trained to heal them all. They did it all the time. There is a lot of envy today from church clergy and spiritualists.
    In the Holy Scoan Church, people of many different religions and belief systems are healed completely and medically verified.


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