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    Many Nigerians are not objective when it comes to prsseing issue like this one. First of all,I will put my questions up for objective answers.When Soyinka acted as a mediator between Niger delta militants and the federal government, was he considered a member of the militant group? Then why must Buhari be seen in the opposite.When we talk about people been killed by Boko Haram, no one talks about how many Boko haram members were extra judicially killed by Nigerian soldiers which led to their taking arms against innocent souls and structures. Have we questioned the government for killing these innocent people by the Nigerian Soldiers? Well, I am not saying it is a justification for Boko haram to start killing innocent people and attacking places of worship.When our people use America as example, they fail to mention the failures experienced by the American government and military. Over ten years in Afghanistan with over 40, 000 soldiers, with sophisticated weapons and ammunition, technology but they are yet to fall a small group of people causing harm. Besides, we should not forget that the American government has been trying to negotiate with the so-called terrorist in Afghanistan since last year but to no success because they break the rules. We should note important points before we start posting. After all of this, I still don’t see it as an important strategy of bringing peace in Nigeria. In a short time, boko haram will definately fade off and Nigeria will be in peace again.


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